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Property technology (Proptech) is an innovative approach to real estate marketing. It holds the potential to benefit every party involved in the buying and selling process of properties. To make sales, you need to promote your brand. The effective tool for promoting your brand and amplifying the sales process is digital marketing.

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Our Digital Marketing Consulting Services in PropTech SaaS
  • Oversee and support on bids and proposal
  • Strategically identify potential clients through trend analysis, diligent research, and industry networking
  • Creating a disciplined growth strategy for the addressable market as per given locations
  • On-brand content creation
  • Creative web design that excites your customers
  • Build strong relationships with internal teams to cross-sell the tech solution and ensure internal stakeholders have a good understanding of how to sell the product
  • Nurture potential new clients and relevant real estate conversations
  • Step up your social landing pages to snag more leads
  • Plan and create customer journeys using automated flow
  • Work closely and collaboratively with the marketing, biz dev, and research teams to access senior-level decision-makers
  • Bringing visibility through easy-to-understand graphical visuals in highly competitive areas
  • Listing feed data integration for selling, buying, and renting a property.
  • Improving CAC and LTV to move your Proptech business faster
  • Manage the end-to-end sales process, from prospecting to pitching to scoping, contract negotiation, closing, and overseeing launch and transition to customer success
  • Find and locate the most ideal list of targeted audiences for any given real estate business
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