Marketing Automation

Grow Your Traffic, Links & Ranking with our Marketing Automation consultancy

Marketing automation uses software to automate repetitive marketing tasks. Marketing departments mechanize tedious tasks such as email marketing, social media posting, ad campaigns, etc. for improved efficiency and a more personalized experience for the customers.

Our Marketing Automation consulting Services
    Cognitive convergence provides a wide range of marketing automation services including:
  • Account-Based Marketing Services – personalized campaigns to each account's needs and preferences.
    • Secure high-value accounts in your market
    • Initial campaign development and strategy
    • Linked-in – Wishlist account targeting
  • Lead Nurture Email Marketing – Automated, personalized, email campaign
    • Customized nature of emails built on data, analytics, and user behavior
    • Personalized targeted email campaigns
    • Reach consumers, turning them into conversations that drive brand growth
  • Email Marketing Management Services – drive long-term profitability.
    • Smart segmentation
    • Customized beautiful campaigns design and deployment management
    • Review of marketing goals and targeting
  • Email Marketing Testing & Design – Working out which variation of the campaign garners the best results.
    • Identify candidates with overall comprehension of best practices automatically
    • Test subject lines, length, word order, and content through automated testing and design
    • Personalization of subject lines and content designg
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  • Salesforce Marketing Automation – Identify potential customers, automating the process of nurturing those leads to sales readiness.
    • Create personalized touchpoints
    • Connect with the right leads and consumer marketing automation
    • Calculate marketing ROI
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Automation – automating tasks across channels and enabling a personalized approach to customers.
    • Improve, streamline, and simplify time-consuming marketing tasks
    • Create sets of instructions, called workflows, to automate processes
    • Automatic audience identification, demand generation, and campaign delivery
  • Power automate/Zapier – Automate email marketing through Power automate and Zapier tools.
    • Power complete customer journeys
    • Connect with 4000+ apps
    • Automate repetitive tasks
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