Ecommerce/Social commerce Store

Connecting businesses, ideas, and people for greater impact

Marketing of Ecommerce/social commerce, involving transactions taking place on the internet to sell products online, is vital because of the rising competition in Ecommerce industry. To serve this purpose, MarConvergence is helping social commerce stores to stand firm in this tough marketplace.

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Our Digital Marketing Consulting Services for Ecommerce Store
  • Plan and execute quality Ecommerce Advertising
  • Create shoppable content to enable visitors to buy right away
  • Improve website's ranking in search engines through assuring content marketing
  • Optimize product page
  • YouTube Marketing for product-related videos
  • Drive pay-per-click (PPC), display, or product-specific ad campaigns
  • Automate email marketing campaigns
  • Build communities through influencer marketing
  • Connect with people or businesses that can surge product sale
  • Model a responsive website design
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